Importance Of Drama Class

In some countries, they have the focus on the literary and performing arts or they can have special programs to cater on it not neglecting it even though it is not the focus on the main goal in academics. The contribution of the performing and literary art or even the other form of arts is known so it should not be totally eliminated in the school curriculum. Others make it a point that there could be a place where those who have the interests and ability would be able to dwell and developed their talents.


That is why the importance of having the drama into the education life of a child should not be eliminated especially if they have the interests, enthusiasm, and effort to learn and improve. One of the categories of the art that a child may develop is the drama. Here are some of the reasons why drama is important in the part of the children’s growth, maturity and education. One of it is that it can help in developing literacy.

That is through reading repeatedly the scenes, acts or poems or whatever it is that would be performed.

They are then memorized and pronounced properly. With the endless scripts, children could have the reading skills. Another importance is that it surely promotes the self-esteem and confidence of a child. Not just for the child but also learning to have the spirit of being in a team and work together. The third one is that it helps the child understand something and would have the tolerance. A child could also learn the art of solving problems.