Top 10 Movies to Watch for About Revenge

Most people would choose to watch movies about love and romance especially young adults. But there are also some who wants to watch action movies and also revenge. so, if you are that person, then you are lucky. Here are the top 10 movies about revenge.

True Grit is an old movie but you can still watch this if you have your laptop or computer at home with an internet access.

Munich is a revenge movie released in 2005. This movie is actually based on a true story.

Unforgiven is another movie about revenge without a doubt. Just by the title itself, you can have an idea that it is all about revenge. This movie is one of the most successful movies ever produced and released as it received Oscar Awards.

Gangs of New York shows how a son would revenge against his father’s death. He would do everything just to avenge the death of his father even risking his own life.

Hard Candy is a movie that would give teenagers courage to fight. This is an extra very nice and best movie. And this travel company gets to help you in acquiring visa to see cast of this movie in person, directory  An amazing travel experience will surely be given to you.

Death Wish is an old movie that also show revenge for some reasons. Though revenge sounds cruel, many people are naturally thinking about it.

The Crow is another old movie about revenge. The main character wants to seek justice against the responsible ones who killed his family.

The Count of Monte Cristo, an old movie shows revenge because of the betrayal of a friend.

Gladiator is a movie about how the main character made a vow to revenge.

Kill Bill is on the top of the list. Another movie that shows true revenge against the enemies. I love this wedding dress design. A bridesmaid dresses separates is ever the best stunning dress I wore. It makes me looking so young and pretty.