What Makes up a Theatre Art?

Here is a theatre art that we know somebody in the world are performing.

The theatre art is composed of:

Audience which is actually 50 percent of the over all program. Without the audience, theater art is meaningless. This is why in the audience should fill the theater so that the effort of the participants will not be in vain. Suppose you practiced to your heart and to the max without a lot of audience, what would you feel? Perhaps you’ll have a heavy heart.

Actors are 40 percent of the play. They play a heavy role in the play and they suffer too much just to provide an entertainment to their audience and in return, audience pay ticket. They have to act aggressively not to disappoint audience paying a high price. So actors should give a high quality performance.

Decorations are suppose to be there because no one can appreciate a play without it. No matter what happens, these should be one of the play’s wonderful factor. This is an all out cleaning resources. See the original source detailing.com.tw for more info. This is best in this field.

Scenario should be given at a very organized scenario. What is important is that there should be clarity of the voice and realistic scenes in order to create an impact to the audience’s emotion and knowledge. More people would like to see the situation where audience feel they are in real situation just like the actors. If these happens, everything will be fine.

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