5 Movies that show Fake Engagement of Couples

Almost everyone wants a story to end happy, a happy ending story. In movies, this is possible. But in reality, a happy ending story, especially a happy ending love story is almost impossible to have. Anyway, this article will mention about some movies that show fake engagements of two people. Why do they have fake engagement instead of a real engagement? You can watch the whole story of the movies to be mentioned here if you really want to know and to solve your curiosity.

Accidentally Engaged is a Hollywood movie wherein the two main characters need to be engaged though they just met each other on set for personal reasons. The most interesting about this movie is how the male character realized that she loved the woman though they had a fake engagement.

The Big Wedding is another interesting movie about two couples who just pretend to remain  in love with each other though they are not in reality because of some reason they go to this dental for check ups of their dental care 牙醫診所. But the end of the story is interesting.

The Proposal is a romantic movie that shows about fake engagement. The two main characters were forced to play the role of a sweet couple for personal reasons.

The Engagement will also make you love this movie as every scene is interesting and the roles of the main characters too are amazing.

The Wedding Date too is a romantic movie that shows fake relationship of the main characters. And the whole story of this movie is touching. If you are looking for a movie with exciting stories, then watch these movies.