Austria 101

The country of Austria has known also for many things. There was a slogan that was created stating that you will not see kangaroos in this country. That is because this country is confused with the country of Australia. The latter country is the one that has many kangaroos. It is easy to interchange the two countries because they are very similar in their name. But if you will know when you will see their differences. There are facts about Austria.

Let us go to the part of the economy of the country. It has the export activities and it is important for t. They have many products that they export and it includes motor vehicles and also its parts. The machinery and equipment are also on the export list. You can also see in the list metals, iron, chemicals, paper and even foods. There are also textiles and steel. You can say that it is not just the tourism that the country derives its income.

The country is also famous for the castles that are found in it that were built many years ago. There are also the palaces and different buildings that you can visit and explore why they are interesting. You can find the castles of Castle Liechtenstein, Festung Hohensalzburg, Schloß Artstetten, and Burg Hohenwerfen. Most of these castles were built when Habsburg is on the throne.

When it comes to the food, you can find that they have pork in their cuisine. They also have goose, turkey, chicken, and beef.